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Premium Video Books

Our Video Book facility is over 400,000 square feet with over 50,000 grade A screens in stock at all times. We design the perfect video book for you at no charge. We can manufacture up to 2,000 units within 15 days from art approval. With a 100% quality control and a guarantee on every book, no one offers more or manufactures at our level of quality.

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Incredible Premium Video Books

Amazing features and incomparable benefits
The proof is in the reorders.

Our PremiumVIDEO™ line is loaded with several benefits and features, each one with its own meaningful purpose. We listen to our clients and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis. PremiumVIDEO™ is not only built by us, but also by our clients. Plus a 100% guarantee makes everyone feel a little bit warm and fuzzy inside.

Putting all other manufacturers on pause.

This year we have redesigned our factory and product line to make it without question, the BEST Video product line on the market today. Our combination of quality electronics, printing, assembly, and 600% quality control on every unit is unmatched. Plus, to top it off, you can order as little as 100 units printed four color process, video loaded, locked and ready to go!

When your foundation is as strong as ours the results are incomparable.

We deliver confident, unmatched creative solutions with guarantees that no other company can match.


Guaranteed to work

With 6 stations of quality control on every product our 600% QC on each product allows us to be the ONLY manufacturer to state we guarantee they play when in your client’s hands.

our factory

50,000 units in stock

We inventory over 50,000 screens at all times. The inventory consists of several different screen sizes.


In-house patent council

Our in-house full time patent council will make sure your design does not infringe on any current patents as well as file any new patents on specific features developed for your project.

we take care of everything

We take care of everything

Once we understand your goal, we can develop the perfect solution for your client.  All it takes is one call and we design, prototype, load the video and dropship, if needed.


25 day turnaround!

For quantities between 100 to 2,000 units, we can produce and ship orders in 25 days from art approval.


100% new parts

At Premium Video Books, we only use top, grade A electronics, memory chips, screens, batteries and buttons. We neither carry nor stock used parts. This is one of many reasons why we are the #1 trusted manufacturer.

Video Book Design

Unlimited design capabilities

We have an entire floor of 3D graphic and package designers.  Each solution we develop is created specifically for your client’s goal.  When it comes to designing a package, brochure, or display around our video screens, the possibilities are endless.


Un-branded samples

We have very slick unbranded samples you can order. These samples feature 5 buttons and a 4.3″ hi-definition screen. We can ship them with your video content or you can easily upload your own content. You can also change the video each time you have a presentation!


100 piece minimum!

Finally, after manufacturing for the past 5 years, we can manufacture as little as 100 pieces!  This includes four color process printing, your video loaded and your job delivered in 25 days from art approval!

Those are just a few benefits you receive when working with PremiumVIDEO™, Give us a call, let us create the perfect solution for you to present to your client.